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Set in the hills of the Mandovi river, the first, and arguably the best to realise the potential to combine spices and tourism is the Pascoal Spice Farm at Khandepar.It is rich in the abundance and diversity of its plants.  It opened to the public about six years ago, supplying visitors with delicious curry lunches on banana leaf platters and selling its organically grown spices. The farm now covers 20 hectares,suporting the three major cash crops of  coconut, cashew and areca nuts, interplanted with pineapples, which thrive inthe dappled shade.Other fruits trees such as mango, papaya and jackfruit and numerous spicies including cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, cloves and cardomom are also grown here.
   The farm is totally organic.No pesticides are used and compost materials include sugarcane waste, cow dung, poultry and fish manure.Working owner, Milagres Fernandes, was recently rewarded with second prize in the prestigious 'Best Farmer of The Year Award' presented by an American company.
    The farm also has excellent Boating facility, and you can fish even with a string, puting the most advanced fishing rod to shame. This farm is situated along the banks of a riverlet, that originates from the famous Dudhsagar falls.