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  Tourists, beware of Touts approaching you for massage services, or for selling items like sea-shells, handicrafts, hand designed clothing, fruits, fake jewellary, etc. These touts pretend to be natives, viz. Goans and are notorious for stealing innocent, unsuspecting, fun loving tourists of their belongings including their passports, traveler's cheques etc. These impostors are not from this state and are seeking to exploit the fair hospitable image of Goans by their despicable behavior, for their nefarious means. They are also carriers of all kinds of contagious diseases . The lovers of Goa who seek to protect the culture and heritage of this beautiful " ROME OF THE EAST" and preserve the environment  from being spoilt by these characters have initiated this awareness movement.
   Goa is arguably the most salubrious state in India, and very few travelers fall ill while they are here. Although no inoculations are required for entry into India, but jabs of meningitis, typhoid, malaria and hepatitis B are recommended. Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Always drink bottled water eg. Bisleri. Getting medical help is no big deal as almost every village / city has pharmacies and Doctors. Even medicines are available at fraction of what you might pay at home. Women advised to keep their legs and breast well covered in all public places, its ok for men to wear shorts. Tourists are advised to observe silence, due respect and proper decorum inside the places of  worship and religious monuments. Always remove your shoes at the entrance to the main hall of any holy shrine and its always a good idea to leave a small donation for the upkeep of the building  when you leave.

 1. Do not keep your valuables unattended during your stay at the beach.
 2. Do not indulge in drug offences they are punishable under the law with penalty of 10 years rigorous 
     imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 100,000/-.
 3. Nudity on beaches and public places is forbidden and punishable under the law.
 4. Do not keep your money, passport in the custody of undesirable persons.
 5. Voltage in Goa is 220 volts ac, 50 cycles. Tourists are advised to check the voltage before using 
     electric shaver of any other electric appliances.
 6.Traffic circulation is on the left. Keep your valid documents, driving license, passports etc., in your 
     possession while driving. Follow Police Traffic rules strictly to avoid any mishaps.
 7. Do not venture deep into waters because in emergency, rescue becomes difficult.
 8. In case of difficulty contact the nearest Tourist Bureau of Police Station for help.
 9. Some Rail routes require reservations to be done in advance prior to your journey.
10.In case of loss of any documents contact :The nearest Government of India Tourist Office.
                                                                  The nearest State Government Tourist Office.
                                                                  The nearest Police Station.

 1. Do not encourage beggars.
 2. Do not accept food / drink from strangers.
 3. Do not buy articles made from rare / endangered species of animals which are banned.
 4. Do not venture into the sea before consulting the life-guard.
 Alliance Francaise de Goa,
 37, Lake view Colony, 
 Panaji, Goa, India.
 Government of India Tourist Office
 Communidade Building,
 Church Square, Panaji,
 Goa. India.
 Phone: 0091-832-223412
 Foreigners Regional Registration
 Police Headquarters,
 Panaji, Goa, India.
 Indo-Portuguese Institute,
 E-4, Gharse Towers, 
 Opp. Don Bosco School,
 Mahatma Gandhi Road,
 Panaji, Goa, India.
 Government of Goa
 Director of Tourism,
 Tourist Home, Patto,
 Panaji, Goa, India.
 Phone: 225583 / 225535 / 224757.
 Grams: Goa Yatra, Panaji
 Fax: 0091-832-228819
 British Tourist Assistance Office
S-13/14 Dempo Towers
Patto Plaza, Panaji,
 Goa- 403001
+91 832 2438897/8734
Fax: +91 832 6641297
 Austrian Consulate
Kamat Centre,
 D.B. Marg, Panaji
 German Consulate
 C.M.M House, Rua de Ourem,
 Mexican Consulate,
 Dhempo House, I floor,